Teaching is a big part of my life. It is a new career for me and I will likely have a lot of blog posts about it. I am very passionate about teaching and it has been a very fulfilling career so far. I’m hoping it will continue to be even though I keep reading all these horror stories in the news and on Reddit. These are all the posts that involve teaching in one way or another.

05 Feb 2018  My Ideal Class – I had one day where my pre-ap class did a thing and I got to see what my ideal class looks like. It was amazing.

19 Nov 2017  Task Focused Students – I came to the realization that the students’ goals were skewed – that they cared about completing the task, not learning the material.

15 Nov 2017  Setting Expectations – This was me realizing I didn’t know how to set expectations and throwing out ideas on how to possibly do better at that.

05 Sept 2017  Silly Ambitions to be a “Perfect” Teacher My First Year – This was a hard lesson to learn, but so important that I learned it. I was getting major burnout in my first semester because I was trying to take on too many thing at once.

28 Aug 2017  I am About to be a Teacher – My slight panic about being a teacher and then me getting it together and feeling more positive and prepared for it.

05 Mar 2017  Learning to Swim by Falling in the Ocean – My big step into the deep-end.