These will be random personal stories or self-discovery stories or just posts where I’m completely lost and need to rant about it.

08 Jul 2018 What To Do with Children (no, seriously, please tell me) – My struggles with how to interact with my boyfriend’s kids when we had them for a month.

05 Sept 2017  Silly Ambitions to be a “Perfect” Teacher in my First Year – This was a big realization for me and something I had to work on a lot in my first year of teacher.

28 Aug 2017  I am About to be a Teacher – This was me freaking out a little and then decided that I got this before starting my new job as a teacher.

05 Mar 2017  Learning to Swim by Falling in the Ocean – This is a short post about a big career choice I made.

16 Jan 2016  It Takes a Day to Break – This is about a depression attack, seemingly out of nowhere.

31 Dec 2015  New Year Resolutions – I accomplished number 1. And then I quit in the same year haha. But I did have an amazing year with lots of personal growth and positive life changes.

11 Dec 2015  Solo Sunset on the Beach – Just a nice moment that inspired me to write.

05 Dec 2015  Precious Moments – This was inspired by my younger sister falling asleep on my shoulder in the car <3.

14 Aug 2015  Beach Vacation and the Sea Turtle March – My family goes to the beach every year and this year it just happened to be at the time that sea turtles were hatching! It was an amazing thing to see and experience.

27 Mar 2015  What Living with Chronic Depression is Like (at least for me) – This was at a time I was convinced that I would have chronic depression forever. I was blind to the real issue. I think a lot of people are living like this and can relate.

13 Mar 2015  The Relationship I Never Thought I’d Have – Yeah, this turned out to be the most unhealthy relationship of all. But at the time I thought he was “the one” or whatever. It’s definitely interesting to go back and read for me, being where I am today.

23 Feb 2015  What to do with My Life?? – This was actually an on going struggle from high school until I finally came to the realization that I’m meant to be a teacher.