New Beginnings

Sometimes when I start new things I blog about them. Sometimes I don’t. Here are the ones where I did.

28 Aug 2017 I am About to be a Teacher – I wrote this between my teacher training and actually being a teacher. I was obviously nervous, but writing this out helped me calm down and it takes on a more positive, can-do tone. Sometimes I just need to get out my anxieties so the badass-ness can come out.

28 Aug 2014  New Town, New Apartment. What About New Friends? – This was the first time I made friends without the aid of school. In school you’ve got lots of people around you that are similar age and you start off with common ground because you’re in the same class. Life after school doesn’t have that. So this what how I made friends the first time. I have since discovered MeetUp and use it to make friends every time I move.

24 Aug 2014  Beginning Financial Plan – This was important because it was the first time I had a steady income and was paying for everything on my own. This meant that I needed a plan for it all.

22 Aug 2014  Beginning Career – This is my story of starting my first career out of college in civil engineering. I have since switch to the teaching career, but this was a big mile-stone in my life.