When I write somewhat regularly, I will get inspired by random things to write about. These are those posts. (Not including poems or personal stories.)

11 Jul 2018  A Few Thoughts on Motivation – Specifically, this blog has to do with student motivation and maybe should be in the Education page, but it was inspired and means a lot to me, so I put it here instead.

06 Mar 2017  Our Need for a Purpose – This was inspired by a friend talking about wanting to find her purpose.

22 Feb 2017  Simple Green Tip: Reusable Shopping Bags – This was inspired when I finally figured out a system so that I stopped forgetting my reusable bags every time I went to the store.

20 Jan 2017  Impressive Talents – This was inspired by me noticing I had a burning desire to workout after watching an action movie or work on my writing when seeing the story of a successful author on TV or study anatomy and bones after watching the TV show “Bones.”

14 Dec 2015  The Evils of Pride and Judgement – This was inspired by something I read in one of my self-improvement books. I think it may have come from “Codependency for Dummies.”

26 Aug 2015  “Only the educated are free.” – Epictetus – My take on this quote.

01 May 2015  Not Everything is Flushable – This was inspired by two things. One was seeing a ton of little shampoo bottles in a lift station (sewer pump, basically) outside of a hotel. Another was an episode of “Adam Ruins Everything” on the subject.

17 Apr 2015  Song Parodies – I love song parodies, so I made a post with some of my favorite at the time.

14 Apr 2015  Skin Color is a Physical Trait, Not a Personality Type – I wrote this because I was (and still am) sick of people saying things like “that’s so white” or “that’s so black”. Everyday language like this helps keep racism alive by acting like being a certain color affects your actual personality. It doesn’t.

16 Mar 2015  A Rose for Stacey – This post about poverty was inspired by an experience I had in New Orleans and how it affected me. I still think about her to this day.

03 Mar 2015  Why We Need More Mothers at Work – This post was inspired by another post that I read. Actually, it’s a re-blog with a short paragraph on a personal experience.

19 Feb 2015  Education – The Noble Pursuit – This post is about my opinion on the importance of education: educating yourself and helping to educate others.